Have a Great Weekend Michael Irvin!

Hey Michael Irvin...have a great weekend!! Wait...it's not a vacation? Oh they told you to take the weekend off? Well it makes sense when you get busted for having drug paraphernalia. Then you decided to give contradicting stories to the police and everyone else. Was it your brother?? Or was it your friend?? Or was it your "brother" as people like to call friends these days.

I'm so confused with the lingo these days. (When I see "Kanye West", I always want to say "Cayenne West" as in the hot pepper) . So you were confused when you talked to the police. That's one thing. The other things is your employer didn't like that they had to find out from a reporter TWO days later. Unless you decided to run away to Mexico after getting busted, letting ESPN know that there's going to be this national news story breaking next week would have been nice. Maybe you could have sent them a text message. "HI. HOW R U? IM IN TRBLE. FOUND DRGS. WATCH DA NEWZ. CYA." That would have worked just fine I think. Don't parents always say that, "I wish you would have just told me upfront instead of having me find out like this." This is a perfect example. If you were John Doe, no one would notice. But you're the Playmaker. You've won Super Bowls. You're only on ESPN every Sunday and Monday night. Geez.

So maybe with this time off you can talk to your lawyers. Find out what story you want to stick with. Talk to Onterrio Smith about getting a Whizzinator. When I heard your interview on the Dan Patrick show, I was skeptical. Though you vowed to clean up this mess this week, you left it as messy as inside your car.

Enjoy your weekend Michael. Just don't forget to throw away any trash this time.

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