Halloween Hits the NBA

Steph Curry managed to make a great entrance with his Saw inspired outfit, but quickly found that it was no match for his fans' Halloween inspiration! Curry was more amusing than frightening to his teammate Draymond Green, but he took it on the chin and gave credit where credit was due.

A Not-So-Dramatic Moment

Thanks to his habit of sinking shots from as far back as the arena tunnel, as punters who patronise sports betting sites with NBA markets will tell you, Curry is not new to making a dramatic entrance before Warriors games begin. The Golden State superstar, however, went above and beyond for the game on Sunday, arriving at the Oracle Arena in an outfit paying homage to the horror series Saw.

Curry was decked out in the disturbing visage and clothing of Billy the Puppet, a ventriloquist's puppet recurring in the series, and he rode into sight on the red tricycle belonging to the marionette as well. He somehow managed to get through the metal detector now sadly required at the entrance to the arena, and was then sent through by a smiling Green.

Charlotte Resident Re-enacts Hayward' Gruesome Injury

Justin Caskey from Charlotte re-enacted the grisly injury Gordon Hayward of the Celtics suffered earlier on this month. It was the first game of Hayward's career in Boston after he came through from the Jazz as a free agent, but it ended instantly after he fractured his left ankle.

Caskey lost his left leg to cancer in 2008, and Hayward's horrific injury inspired him. He stated that, after the initial shock of the mishap he realised that adjusting his prosthetic to mimic the injury would not be overly difficult. Emphasising that he had absolutely no ill will regarding Hayward, and that the impression was all in good fun, Caskey simply stated that he tried to find the humour in the horrible things that are a part of life, and that this attitude was how he had dealt with his own calamity.

Curry is in Good Company

Curry is not the only NBA superstar to have gotten into the Halloween spirit. Russell Westbrook and Nick Collison ditched their usual sports attire and dressed up earlier this month as the main characters from the smash hit White Men Can't Jump, starring Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes.

Even their significant others joined in the fun, appearing as the movie characters played by Rosie Perez and Tyra Ferrell.

Nina Earls, Westbrook's wife, commented that her husband was far from done, however, and shared a photo of herself and their child dressed up as bees alongside the NBA's most valuable player dressed up in a beekeeper's outfit!

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