Growing Hair is Against Olympic Rules


It's embarrassing enough for grown men to be going bald. It's also embarrassing when you get tested for a banned substance by the Olympic committee. So put the two together and you get the story of Montreal Canadians goalie Jose Theodore.

On Thursday, Jose was tested for a banned substance by the Olympic committee. The banned substance was Propecia. A prescription to help bald men grow hair. Propecia can be used as a masking agent for the steroid nandrolone. He's been taking it for eight to nine years under a doctor's observation. Only this past October did Propecia end up on the banned substance list by the Olympic committee.

Hard to tell what part of his head was going bald. I'm assuming the top of his head since we can't see in any old pictures.

Jose can be a walking advertisement for Propecia now. He's had family problems with hair loss. Now he has a full head of hair and is proud of it. He even loves his hair more than being on Team Canada.

"I'd rather have the haircut I have today than be bald and be the third-string goal on Team Canada"

Wonder if spray on hair will be on the list next due to it's ability for people to look really bad trying to cover up their bald spot.

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