Great, great blog entry and it is right on

by Adam Banig
(Germantown, MD, USA)

There is really nothing to say here, you are exactly right in almost every word. The only thing that I would add is that that Haynesworth was never happy in DC, he wasn't happy last year in the 4-3 in Blache's scheme. He told Shanahan before taking the 21 million that he would not play in the 3-4 Scheme. Shanahan should have traded him on draft day, back to the Titans.

We will never see that draft choice again. I blame both Haynesworth and Shanahan for ruining this season for the Washington Redskins. By the way, I never wanted Haynesworth in the first place. He only performed when he was franchised or when getting a huge contract depended on it, other than that he's only been an above average player in the league. There is a reason he fell to #15 in the draft, despite being a top 5 talent and the reason my friends is because of his character.

The redskins could have gotten 3 or 4 players in 09 and totally rebuilt their team instead of just giving all that money to one man. If they had done that, they would be a better franchise today.

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