Give this Michigan State Sports Radio Host Some Pain Pills Please

As you watched the end of that Notre Dame / Michigan State game last Saturday in amazement, countless MSU fans walked out of that stadium in shock, disappointment, and anger. This week a sports radio guy, Mike Valenti (a MSU alumni if you can't tell by the end of the clip) let out all his frustration on the air. He absolutely loses it on the radio. He loses his mind and his voice. It's the best rant I've ever heard. His radio partner tries to stop him but Valenti is like a run away semi-truck. What amazes me is that he refrained from using any four letter word because he seemed on the verge.

The clip is about 15 minutes long. If you have time, listen to it all. It's worth it. He starts to lose it at the 4 minute mark and from there it just gets better and better. He starts to sound like Chris Farley's SNL character Matt Foley who used to say "I live in a VAN down by the river!!" Here are some of the best quotes from the rant...

Michigan State sat there and choked on apple sauce!!!

I was busy firing up my section!! I did my job!! I paid my $75!! And I got a bunch of old asses off their feet into the air and got them to cheer their ass off! I didn't choke!! I showed up to play!!!

Time outs are not like cell phone minutes...they don't carry over!!!

Notre Dame got away. They had them by the throat. Instead of cutting it real deep and watching the blood squirt all over, you let them get in at halftime so fat boy could feed them pudding!!

You're asking Drew Stanton to run the option in Hurricane Katrina!!

You are the defensive coordinator ever!!! I would rather have HR Pufnstuf with Teddy Ruxpin as an assistant than to have you in this booth one more week!! You're atrocious!!

Audio clip of him just losing it

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