Froch - Abraham Fight


November 28, 2010 Dyke L. Marler, Helsinki, Finland

Is anyone else tired of watching Arthur Abraham fight? It's like some type of reverse fantasy league. All defense and nopoints. Look, King Arthur can keep his hands up and his guard tight. Yeah, we learned that in the last fight. Can he still punch with power? Can he still throw combinations?

Does he have the stamina, will and footwork to actually fight? And by fight I don't mean wear a robe and step through the ropes, I mean throwing some damn punches and making somebody bleed.

I don't know the answers to my own questions but I should, and the reason I should know is that I've watched Abraham's last two fights bell to bell. The reason I don't know, and you probably don't either, is that King Arthur gives away too many early rounds by playing peek-a-boo behind his gloves. No jabs, no counters and no offense lead to another loss and another boring fight.

Carl the Cobra Froch, who is now 27-1 with 20 KO's, basically coasted to victory Saturday night and will now face Glen Johnson in his next bout of the Super Six Middleweight Tournament.

Arthur Abraham, who needed a knockout to win in the 12th round but still didn't throw punches, will square off against Andre Ward.

Going forward, Abraham must employ new strategy. Let's all hope it is one that involves throwing punches.

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