Florida State shame on you

by G. Newman
(Frisco, Texas)

Why is FSU playing a team, Savannah State, in which they are favored to beat by 70 points this Saturday? Why didn’t the mighty Seminoles schedule Notre Dame? What about USC? No. Why wouldn’t FSU play Oregon this weekend? Why are you not playing a top twenty school at this time? Please give a valid reason for playing this cupcake of a team. You can talk to me.

I am only a football junkie who has been following the sport since the mid 1960’s. From the famous movie “Dirty Harry”, the character Harry Callahan told a bank robber about his .44 Magnum. The robber wanted to know if Harry had expended his last shot. The robber said, “Hey, I gots to know.” I am asking why play Savannah State. "I gots to know."

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