Finally Some Smack Talk!

Media yesterday could have been summed up with one word…boring. There was no trash talking. No bulletin board material. No Shannon Sharpe or Deion Sander type personalities. The Steelers were business as usual and said very little. At least the Seahawks, especially Matt Hasselbeck, showed some personality and were much more loose.

Today we do finally have something good to talk about! Yesterday everyone expected Joey Porter to speak his mind and he even called the media out on their attempt to bait him. Today he's fuming over tight end Jeremey Steven's comments. Jeremey was commenting on the much publicized return of Jerome Bettis to Detriot.

"It's a heartwarming story and all that, but it will be a sad day when he leaves without that trophy."

Oh yeah! That's some serious smack talking we wanted to hear. He said he wasn't guaranteeing a victory but saying what he felt. He wasn't done there and moved onto Joey Porter.

"He had a huge game in the AFC championship game coming off the edge on the blitz. I don't think he is going to have such an easy day against Walt, though."

That was all that Joey Porter needed to hear and now he went Incredible Hulk but with a butt which stops bullets. (Don't tell me that picture above doesn't look like Joey Porter's head but green. Damn they even have the same haircut.)

"I've been asleep all week but now I got woke up," Porter said Wednesday. "I've got my first taste of blood and now I'm thirsty for more. Until now, it was 'Watch what I say,' 'I can't say this,' 'I can't say that,' 'Don't do anything silly,' but I'm ready now.

"You look for the guys that say something that aren't supposed to say nothing, and I feel like he definitely was out of pocket to say what he said," Porter said. "I'm going to make sure he owns up to those words."

Joey also called Jeremey "soft", " first-round bust who barely made some plays this season", and that he'll "put him on his back" He refrained from making fun of him momma though. Jeremey Stevens heard all his comments, laughed and said "we'll see".

Finally something that wakes up the Super Bowl. It's been a minimum buzz level so far. The Seahawks got into a minor car accident and it was such a big deal I'm surprised President Bush didn't mention it in his State of the Union address. Now we're talking about both sides getting under each other's skin. I know playing for the Super Bowl is motivation enough but we like it when players lash out and do some dissing before the game starts.

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