Expensive Gifts For the Sports Fans

Tis the season for shopping and you're probably at work or home right now trying to figure out what to get for your sports crazed love one. What do you get for that impossible person?

Well I came across some great ideas for you. That's what I'm here for. To help you blow your money away. You just need to bring deep wallets. Really deep wallets. Plus a good security system at home too. Maybe a couple of large pitbulls wouldn't be bad. These items are one of a kind.

Sotheby's is having an auction Saturday December 10, 2005 for some pretty historic items. I wish I could participate in these high end auctions but I'll just have to drool at them instead. Here are some of the highlights of the auction.

Heisman Trophy
Heisman Trophy.

Those are just the most expensive priced estimates in the lot. However they are also the most historic and rare. As always they end up selling for much more than their estimate. I will post a follow up when the auction ends and give the final selling price. You can see the whole lot here and just take a look and dream of owning all these things. I would love to own all those things listed above.

So if you're looking for that one of a kind sports present, I think you can look no further. If you do have that much money and am reading my blog, then I'd like to meet you.

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