ESPN Needs To Stop Stroking Their Ego

This is what I hate now every Tuesday. After Monday Night football airs, the television ratings are released on Tuesday about how well all shows did the day before. Ratings stroke the egos for the networks.

After the very first Monday Night football game on ESPN (Washington/Minnesota), it was hailed as "second largest audience in cable television history, behind CNN's NAFTA debate in November 1993 between Al Gore and Ross Perot." (I still don't know how a that debate was still the most watched cable program in history. I can think of a hundred cable shows I'd rather watch including a punk rocker being "MADE" into a male model on MTV. But that's not the point here.)

The point is every week since then ESPN will annouce that last night's Monday Night Football game was either highly rated or the most watched cable event in the history of cable. So it's no surprise that the Cowboys/Giants Monday Night Football game was seen by the largest audience in cable television history--15 million viewers. It was announced on Sportscenter like it is every Tuesday. We get the point!! We sense a pattern here.

ESPN's Monday Night Football this season now occupies seven of the top eight highest-rated cable audiences of all time. Yes that was mentioned on ESPN as well. Guess what? I'm sure by the end of this season, the ESPN will occupy the top ten. I could not find the top 10 cable programs of all-time, but if a debate between Android Al and billionaire with funny voice was the top rated cable program, it shows how weak the top 10 was to begin with.

Who are some of the other highly rated cable competitors this season? "Flavor of Love 2", "WWE", "Suite Life of Zack and Cody", "ESPN's College Football", and "Spongebob". Unless Flavor Flav transforms into a real live clock on VH1, cable television ratings will be dominated by football for awhile.

ESPN we know you're great and you have football now. Stop touching yourself after the ratings come out every Tuesday. We get the idea. People love football.

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