Er kotzte wie ein Reiher!

If you're travelling to Germany next summer for the soccer World Cup, then you're lucky. Being a foreigner, we're sure you would want to blend in with the locals. Maybe learn some German culture and some phrases to get by.

Well the British embassy has complied a webpage to help the expected 100,000 fans to help learn some handy phrases. Since we speak the same language, it can be useful for us also. Phrases such as

He was as sick as a parrot. Ihm war kotzübel

He puked his guts up. Er kotzte wie ein Reiher

The game was boring: too many square passes and too few scenes in front of goal.

Das Spiel war langweilig: zu viele Querpässe und zu wenige Torszenen

Who came up with theses? Blokes smoking a fag while waiting for the tube? I just feel like these phrases are guaranteed to get your butt whooped by drunk Germany mobs.

I know the British embassy is just trying to help but come up with some useful phrases. How about "How the heck can you like sauerkraut?"

or "Are you a man or a woman on steriods? I apologize in adavnce." might come more in handy.

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