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David Beckham Can Now Afford a Shirt

David Beckham
David Beckham's Sexy Pose.

David Beckham is coming to the United States and the amount of money he'll be paid is staggering. $1 million a week for just doing that pose (above) over 5 years. Somewhere A-Rod now is screaming he wants a new contract.

Beckham used to be a superstar on the field. He won endless championships with Manchester United. He was the poster boy of England. Then they did not want him anymore so he went to Real Madrid in Spain where they wield an All Star team on the field so wealthy they wipe their asses with $100 bills in the locker room. He's now more of a superstar off the field. Oh yes and he's married to Anorexic Spice.

It was thought that Beckham would come to the MLS towards the end of his career. Finish up here after he has some gray hair. After not doing much with Real Madrid and only starting five of 25 games this season, the time came sooner than later. There he was becoming the little fish in a big pond. Now here he is big Shamu in a sea of Little Nemos.

He's not a Pele when it comes to skill. He's not the playmaker. He doesn't have the dazzling footwork of Ronaldinho or flair of a Zidane. He's a one dimensional player. Beckham will get his assists. He'll score some free kicks but he won't single handily dominate a game. An ESPN soccer writer uses a NBA anaolgy and says he's more Larry Hughes than LeBron James. So why is he here?

He is a walking billboard for the MLS. His pretty boy looks and wash board abs can sell. Sell merchandise, sponsorships, tickets, and extra toppings for the hot dogs. His every move will be followed by press and papparazi. He is loved by women and even more by gay men. He'll be in every celebrity gossip magazine and that will bring it all back to the LA Galaxy. Instantly the LA Galaxy will be a global brand. Kids on the streets of China and Africa will want his jersey. He'll hawk some energy drink, shoes, and maybe a car. Already the LA Galaxy has said they have sold 2,000 season tickets. Whoop-dee-doo!

In term of Beckham trying to be a better player by being here, that is not the focus. It's widely agreed that players need to play in Europe where the training and competition are better. The MLS feels more like junior varsity. In England, they must be laughing over pints of lager that he's playing in a league that no "good" players really wants to play.

I am a soccer fan. I lived, breathed, and obsessed over the World Cup. I follow the men's national team when they play exhibition games on TV. I love the skill and strategy involved. I just haven't been a MLS fan. It's just something about the product. I have not found a reason for me to care how teams do. For example, I love the NFL and college football. I'll be in a catatonic state on weekends after the Super Bowl. It does not mean I'm watching Arena football or NFL Europe in the off season. Something about the MLS has to truly draw in those die hard soccer fans because I am sure there are many just like me.

Will Beckham draw my interest to the MLS? Like a new gadget or toy, it'll get my interest. I may try and watch a game he's playing when it's on television. But I have a feeling I'll just go back to not being interested enough to watch it.

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