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Dontcha Gene Chizik?

You can continue to bury your head in the sand if you want to but it is not going away. Your vehement denials and icy stairs and stubborn refusals to answer questions that the College Football Nation wants to know are only digging your hole deeper. When the rumors were coming from a couple of ex Mississippi State players from the mid '80's, they were easy to ignore. When senior college football writer for, Thayer Evans, leveled his pen against your program and your star player you were quoted as saying "that's where we are going to let it lie." Wrong again.

ESPN is now reporting that Cam, again while attending Florida, was charged with three separate incidents of academic cheating. The first charge was fairly benign - he was caught looking on another student's paper in class. The second involved Cam taking another students paper, putting his name on it, and turning it in as his own work. When given a chance to redeem himself by the professor, he was found to have paid for an internet paper and, again, submitted it as his own work. Thayer Evans, who has also written for the New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today and the Houston Chronicle, has you in his crosshairs and continues to squeeze the trigger. You are beginning to look more and more like a second year rube who came to Auburn from Iowa State with a 5-16 career record as a Head Coach. You assert that "these allegations are complete garbage." Really? So why is the FBI involved?

Cam Newton, your one man team, is starting to look and sound like a sociopath. His smile has turned to a smirk and his oft repeated line of "I didn't do anything wrong," is wearing a little thin. What I would liked to have heard from him is "neither my Dad nor I did anything wrong." Instead we got "when God be blessing, the Devil be messing." He actually said that. Out loud. Into a microphone.

We all know that Cam was charged with three felonies in connection to a stolen laptop while he was a freshman at Florida. Now we have reports from multiple, credible sources (ESPN, Fox Sports) that he is a repeat academic cheater and let's not forget that the reason I'm writing and you're reading is that there are reports from multiple sources saying that Cam Newton was shopped, by his Father, for $200,000, during the recruiting process. That would be the "Reverend Bishop Cecil Newton," who identifies himself as the Pastor of the Holy Zion Center of Deliverance.

Coach Chizik, your desperation is beginning to make us cringe. Minutes ago, you announced that Cam would be starting against Georgia this Saturday as he did last Saturday against homecoming victim Chattanooga. What will it take for you to sit this kid and protect your program's future?

Cheating isn't part of the Auburn Creed.

Our latest update to the Cam Newton Story is at Auburn Is All In -- Hot Water.

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