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by Mo Johnson
(Virginia ) is changing the way athletes record and share their sports career.

It's a sports world filled with high levels of competition and the desire to be noticed and recruited. It takes more than just being talented to get recruited. Today, athletes have to market themselves to get noticed. Athletes today are looking for more ways to be recognized and to share their performance with potential recruiters. They also seek to better their own performance. A record of an athletes performance statistics and capturing game coverage on video is an important role in the recruiting process and reviewing ones abilities. The numbers don't lie when it comes to statistics. Athletes use those numbers to gage where they rank in their sports career. These numbers can also help an athlete in determining what area they need work on for improving their game. This is where SportsGrit assists an athlete to create their athletic resume, all on one website.

SportsGrit has created a free website where athletes can use the tools provided to record their entire sports career in one place. SportsGrit allows athletes to create a profile of the sport(s) they play and begin the process of documenting and sharing their sports career with whomever they want. SportsGrit has the coach or athlete enter their entire season schedule, which you can then share with friends and family. This is a great way keep others informed of when and where the athletes games, practices and scrimmages will be. Once these games are entered into a schedule, the athletes or coach can then go into their profile and enter their game stats. If the athlete has entered the stats, a coach can go in to certify the stats by giving it the coach’s approval. Athletes and coaches can see charts of how the athletes are trending. This is an important tool for an athlete to use so they can monitor their averages and see what areas to focus on for improvement.

The competition is fierce and being able to measure up against your rivals helps determine who matches up better during a game. The SportsGrit competition tool allows athletes to compare their stats against anyone that is in the SportsGrit network. Search for players in the search bar. Then go to a competitors profile and click on the “add to” competition icon. On the competition page the athlete can then compare against other athletes from a most recent game, their career and break it down by each stat.

SportsGrit has created a live stream media file which gives athletes the ability to upload You Tube game performance videos as well as sports pictures to share with anyone, anywhere. These photos and videos can be filed to a sport, a team or a specific game. This is great not only for the athlete’s personal reference, but also for a potential recruiter to see the athletes in action.

Coaches are always looking for a good tool to use to track their players stats. SportsGrit allows coaches to link with their players and manage their team’s stats. So if a player already entered their stats, coaches can then go in and review the stats they have entered and certify the stats. This leaves a gold star approval icon attached to that game, letting the player and/or recruiter know that that game was coach approved. Coaches can also see how their players are trending so they can manage their team to see where there may be areas for improvement.

The fans are not left out. So many people enjoy watching their favorite athlete and keeping an eye on their next prospect. SportsGrit allows you to sign up as a "fan" and search SportsGrit network to find the athletes you want to track. By clicking the "eye" icon on their profile page that athletes then gets added to the fans watch list. The fan can then see their game schedule, most recent game results and access all of their stats and media files.

All of these tools are put in place for the athletes to take control of their sports career. This tool allows athletes to track their own stats, upload videos, photos, compare their game performance against rivals, share game schedules with friends and family, and it is integrated with Facebook and You Tube. The ultimate amateur sports social network is here. It's SportsGrit.

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Aug 14, 2012
Very Cool!
by: Alex J.

This is an awesome concept! I'm liking this SportsGrit! I play Baseball and Basketball and will be using SportsGrit to track my stats.

Aug 19, 2012

Finally somewhere where our kids can go and showcase their season for prospective coaches and schools! Thank you!

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