Another Failed Drug Test and More Denials

Drug Posutive
Drug Posutive Marion Jones.

Another week and another positive drug test. If two weeks go by without a drug scandal I would be shocked. But keep them coming because it's better to out these losers.

Floyd Landis' positive drug test really shocked me. I thought it was good that he came out and gave his side of story so quickly instead of hiding. But then he started to go off on tangents and everyday brought a new excuse. Then his B sample came back and it made Landis look stupid and silly for coming up with lame excuses. Buh Bye.

When Justin Gatlin, failed his test, I thought what a shame because Gatlin has been so against doping and wanted to prove hard he was a clean champion. Then the bizarre excuse came out again. This time a revengeful masseuse rubbed testosterone on him back in April. Now he's banned for 8 years which basically ends his career. Buh Bye.

However when Marion Jones tested positive for EPO, I thought "about damn time". (I'd react the same if the government ever came out and said those were really UFO's and not weather balloons in Roswell.)

The knee jerk reaction of most athletes who fail tests are shock and deny deny deny. Marion was no different. Marion has been such a joke to keep proving she runs clean. Most famously she was mentioned by Victor Conte, founder of BALCO, as one of his clients of the cream and clear. (She sued and they settled out of court.) This time the proof is clear. Also let's look at the company she kept. Her first husband C.J. Hunter was busted. Second husband Tim Montgomery busted and banned. She used to be coached by Trevor Graham, who coincidentally has coached several other track athletes who later failed drug tests. Guess who is Justin Gatlin's coach? Yep...that's right. Do we believe more that she stayed clean around all those people or that she participated in the fun?

So when Marion Jones tries to deny and say she's shocked, please forgive me for not believing her. Buh bye crazy woman.


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