Amazimg soccer player Otilino Tenorio

2006/06/21 at 8:53 am

Thank you for setting up a page about Otilino Tenorio. He was an amazimg soccer player and if he was alive today, i am sure he would be playing in the FIFA world cup. The ecuadorian fans LOVED him and his soccer skills. He was a very humble man and was original. He always had worn the spiderman mask after scoring a goal and done a mask.

Otilino Tenorio will always be remembered and even though he is watching the soccer games from heaven, we feel his presence around us and will NEVER be forgotten. To us, the ecuadorian fans, it is an honour to have had Otilino Tenorio (14) on our soccer team. He put pride in our hearts for our country. Otilino Tenorio, rest in peace. You will never be forgotten. You are always in our minds and heart.. We love you y ecuador ” SI SE PUEDE!”

- Carla aka Nena

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