At Least All Commericals Were Better Than Watching Rex Play Quarterback

If you ask ten people who watched the Super Bowl, you're unlikely to get more than two or three people who all agree on the funniest commerical during the Super Bowl. For example, I thought the Snickers commercial with the two dudes was hilarious. It was one of the few that made me laugh out loud. I know some who thought it was stupid and uncalled for. Two dudes kissing doesn't bother me. I've seen episodes of MTV's "Next" when they have gays guys making out with each other on the bus to pass time. It's not saved on my TIVO though.

I thought the Doritos commerical with the man at the checkout lane and that woman talking about the different flavors of chips was so stupid. I did not really want to assume a fat chick had an orgasm behind the register over some highly fattening Doritos. No wonder she was fat. Yet it rates high on some informal polls. Let me add the Jessica Simpson and the GoDaddy commericals to the ones that I could have done without. Really bad.

Overall, this year's crop of Super Bowl commericals were disappointing. I know everyone expects the funniest thing they've ever seen because a company is paying a ridiculous amount of money to air their commercials. It's a lot of pressure.

USA Today did their annual Ad Meter, voted by volunteers who I guess had no Super Bowl party to go to. The winner was the Anheuser-Busch commerical with the crabs worshiping the cooler of Budweiser on the beach. Did I miss an inside joke? Were the crabs crushing the nuts of Rex Grossman? I don't know a single person I talked to that had that one as their favorite commerical. It wasn't that great.

My favorite commerical of the night? The Bud Light commerical with Carlos Mencia teaching english to his students.

I'd like to hear what was your favorite commerical? I'm not here to disagree with you. Just want to get an idea. But if your favorite was the Sherly Crow commerical then you're an idiot and I don't feel bad saying that.

Youtube (of course) has most of the commercials on one convenient page.

What do you think?

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The Snickers commercial took the cake Not rated yet
2007/02/09 at 9:37 pm I gotta agree with your post… the Snickers commercial took the cake, and the commercials as a whole were quite lackluster. I mean …

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