Advantage Players -- Again

by Mo Johnson
(Montclair, VA )

Yea, I think you nailed it. Another win for the players and the screws are tightening on the owners to settle this thing. Right now we have some chaos at practice facilities as players show up to do workouts (so they can get their workout bonuses) and the teams aren't sure what to do. But, those things should get resolved shortly. I think soon, the owners will have to end the lockout and let the players back in. Then they'll get a deal done.

Let's hope!

Next up in pro sports labor disputes will be the NBA. Look for a different outcome there because the owners actually are losing money in the NBA and thus have good cause to insist on concessions from the players. NFL owners don't have such "luxury." Of course, I'm certain the NBA owners would gladly walk in the shoes of the NFL owners. :)

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