Actress, Wife, Mother, Gambler

What surprises me the most about the gambling ring "Operation Slapshot" is that Janet Jones, Wayne Gretzky's wife, was reportedly involved in making bets. One report has her betting $500,000 in recent weeks including $75,000 on the Super Bowl. She even wagered on which team would win the opening coin toss -- winning $5,000 with that bet. (What a true degenerate gambler!). What intrigues me is it's not only who she is but why she bets on sports? Usually women don't fall into the category of big gamblers. Also women don't tend to bet on sports on a consistent basis from my experience. So for a woman to bet that much money on sports makes it more intriguing.

Since she hasn't been in the news in awhile many don't know who she is.

Besides being married to Wayne Gretzky she mainly been known as an actress. When Gretzky was traded from Edmonton to Los Angeles, many blamed her. They called her the Yoko Ono of hockey for awhile. They thought she wanted to futher her acting career. She denied it and proved it by turning into a behind-the-scene mother of five children.

According to IMDb, she has had some small movie roles in her career. She danced in "Annie" and "Staying Alive" which was the sequel to "Saturday Night Fever". Her big role came when she played the love interest of Matt Dillion in "The Flamingo Kid". She was in "Police Academy 5: Miami Beach" which I'm sure very few people saw. She got on board that series a little late too. She did play a pitcher in "A League of Your Own". Never saw the movie but probably a blink or you'll miss her role. Her latest role has her in "Alpha Dog", which actually got good reviews at the Sundance film festival. It stars Justin Timberlake, from that boy band you love, and Bruce Willis.

Her highlight must have been hosting late-night infomercial for Jackie Chan's CableFlex Personal Gym in 2002. Get one in time for Valentine's Day! Hey if Janet Jones and Jackie Chan are endorsing it then I'm sensing it's gotta be pretty bad. But isn't almost any infomercial? Surprised Kurt Warner's wife, Brenda, never endorsed the Flowbee on some informerical in Kurt's prime years.

She did pose semi-nude in Playboy in 1987. That didn't do much to help her acting career take off.

Finally hockey fans might most remember when she was knocked unconscious and suffered a cut lip when she was hit on the head by a pane of plexiglass following a collision along the boards during a Rangers-Blackhawks game at Madison Square Garden.

Not much dirt and a long rap sheet on Janet Jones. Unlike our previously wife in trouble Kendra Davis, Janet has stayed pretty much stayed out of the news until her name surfaced in the gambling ring. Seriously it's not a good year so far for athlete's wives. Could Anna Benson be the next criminally charged wife? We could only hope so.

What do you think?

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