A Shout Out to 15sports.com

I think there's a reason many bloggers write their posts. It's because we get to use that backspace button as much as we want without the readers knowing. Sometimes it takes me forever to write one post. I'm always tweaking and never satisfied.

There is a sports blogger out there that says heck with writing his posts. Well not completely but his main form of communicating is using video. Video blogs is relatively used by few out there. It's hard to get in front of a camera and speak for a few minutes without saying "um" and "uh" every few seconds. Also, I'm sure some bloggers are better left unseen.

AJ Vaynerchuk is a 19 year old freshman at Boston University (Freshman…man it makes me feel old). He, like many of us, is a sports nut. He started a blog called Jetstv.com which had a successful following. But he wanted to expand his horizons and talk about all sports. So now he has created a new video blog site called 15sports.com. In a world of sports blogs, good and bad, he stands out by using mainly videos.

A recent entry showed how he got ready for the start of the NCAA tournament. Non-plasma television, chips, soda, and laptop all in the luxury of his tiny dorm room, which surprisingly had no sign of dirty laundry and obnoxious roomate with a Johnny Weir poster on wall.

But I give him alot of credit for posting a video everyday. Man it's hard to write a post a day but to find something informative to talk about everyday is challenging. He's not obnoxious like Skip Bayless, who is always wrong. His videos are short enough for our attention span and they're well made.

So I see big things coming for AJ. His site keeps getting better and better. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

See AJ Vaynerchuk 15sports.com.


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