A couple of points I disagree

by twins15

2006/12/04 at 1:36 am

A couple of points I disagree with:

That Michigan had their shot - If the BCS goal is to match up to 2 best teams, it should be completely irrelevant that they played earlier this year. In every other sport it does not matter. If Duke beats UNC is college basketball 3 times during the year but UNC wins in the Tournament, the other games don't matter. And I would argue that playing the Buckeyes on the road is not exactly getting a totally fair shot. If it was in Michigan or on a neutral field maybe I could agree... but losing my 3 on the road doesn't mean they had their shot and they shouldn't get another win, IMO.

That Michigan shouldn't be in because they're also in the Big 10 - So if OSU is in the MAC or Big 12, etc. Michigan would have more deserved a shot? I don't find it ludicrous at all that the two best teams can be in the same conference, and I'm not sure how logic can dictate that? Again, because Michigan lost to the best team in the country (as of now) that also happened to be in their conference, how does that make them a lesser team than Florida, who lost to a 2-loss team in their conference? The Big 10 obviously isn't as strong as the SEC, but that does not in any way mean the two best teams can't be in the Big 10.

Sorry for the long comment, but as I wrote on my blog the only issue should be whether or not the fact that Michigan lost on the road to OSU is outweighed by the fact that Florida had an overall tougher schedule... I don't really think there's a right answer to that. So I'm definitely not upset that Florida is in over Michigan (nor would I be upset if the inverse was true)... it just sucks that it has to come down to this because we don't have a playoff.

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