2011 Early Preseason College Football Bowl Predictions

As we wait for the 2011-2012 NCAA football season to start, I will break down some of the major NCAA football bowls by predicting which teams we may see come late in the season. (Note: The teams that I mention are not necessarily the teams that I feel will play against each other. Instead, these are the teams that I feel will have a chance at the specific bowl. I did, however, put my guess of who would win the bowl. (Though, again, it is not necessarily against the other team mentioned in the passage.))

The BCS National Championship Game- This is the title that all teams fight to win... but, only two teams can play. Next year, I see the Oklahoma Sooners and the Florida State Seminoles having a shot at the national championship. Why Oklahoma? Well, Quarterback Landry Jones will be the one to give Oklahoma the undefeated season. In addition, Oklahoma's solid defense and excellent receivers will help them WIN this game. As for the Florida Seminoles, this one was a tricky pick. I know some of you may call me stupid and foolish for putting the Seminoles all the way up here.

Most expect a team like the Florida Gators or a team like the Alabama Crimson Tide to get to this game. Still, I feel that the Florida State Seminoles will surprise a bunch of people. Though the teams lost it's starting Quarter Back, Christian Ponder, EJ Manuel (the new starting Quarterback) was excellent in the little playing time given to him. Add that with a great job recruiting and an excellent defense, Florida State will go undefeated.

Predicted winner: Oklahoma Sooners

Oklahoma Sooners
Florida State

Rose Bowl- Next, we have the Rose Bowl. I feel that Boise State and Alabama will wind up having a shot at this game. I think that Kellen Moore will help propel his team to this game. Though Boise State seems to, at times, play easy teams, I feel that Boise State will win the bigger games against harder competition. This will allow the Broncos to lose, at most, one game. With the highly efficient Kellen Moore under center, anything is possible.

As for Alabama, I could definitely be incorrect. Still, even though they lost star players Julio Jones and Mark Ingram, I feel that Alabama has too much depth. After a relatively disappointing season, look for this team to start off hot in the beginning of the season. With a talented roster and with Nick Saban calling the plays on the sideline, I feel that Alabama is a shoe in for the Rose Bowl. As a result, Alabama will be the winners of the Rose Bowl. The spot light may be a bit too much for the Broncos.

Alabama Crimson Tide

Albama Crimson Tide
Boise State

Discover Orange Bowl- For this game, I feel that the Florida Gators and the Stanford Cardinals will end up in talks for this game. The Florida Gators will have Charlie Wies staying as the offensive coordinator and still have John Brantley and Trey Burton (11 rushing touchdowns as a freshman). If these two young men put in some work over this off-season, we will be seeing a highly functional Gators team once again. As for the Cardinals, all I have to say is Andrew Luck is the best Quarterback in NCAA football. Last year, the Cardinals made it to the Orange Bowl, but I don't see them going past this mark. I feel that while Andrew Luck may be a good player, he doesn't have too much talent surrounding him (unlike Landry Jones). I expect the Cardinals to win this game.

Stanford Cardinals

Stanford Cardinals
Florida Gators

All state Sugar Bowl- I feel that we are going to see the Oregon Ducks and the Nebraska Huskers vying for a shot at this game. Yes, The Ducks lost a couple of players to the 2011 NFL draft, but I feel that this team will rebound. Though I do not see this team going back to the national championship, I feel that The Ducks will have a pretty good record and will end up in the Sugar Bowl. As for the Huskers, this team is coming off a disappointing 2010 season. Though the Huskers were hampered by injuries, I think they will bounce back. From Sophomore Taylor Martinez to running back Rex Burkhead, the team is full of talent.

- Oregon Ducks

Oregon Ducks
Nebraska Huskers

Cotton Bowl- Can I say rematch? I feel that both the LSU Tigers and the Texas A&M Aggies will be in this game come late in the season. There is a lot of pressure on the Tigers to go far, but I feel that The Tigers will end up falling short and, thus, will not end up in the BCS National Championship. Les Miles will still be the coach for the Tigers which should be a big plus for the Tigers. As for the Aggies, last year was a stellar year and I don't see anything changing. Look for the Aggies to lose 2 games and look for them to come into the season as a hot team. Yes, the team lost Von Miller to the NFL, but I don't see this team falling too much!

Winner: LSU Tigers

Texas A&M
LSU Tigers

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl- I feel that the Wisconsin Badgers and the Texas Longhorns have a shot at this game. Again, people may call me crazy for putting the Longhorns in this position. Though I am a little biased, I cannot see this team having two horrible seasons. I feel that this team will bounce back from its horrendous season. As for the Badgers, the team had a great season last year. Though I think they will lose a little steam, look for them to stay strong throughout the season.

Projected winner
- Wisconsin Badgers

Texas Longhorns
LSU Tigers

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