1881 College Football Summary

Many changes in the game would take place this season; as the game itself would continually progressed forward.

In the annual Princeton-Yale contest, settled nothing!

Princeton would "hold onto the ball" in the opening half; while returned the favor in the latter.

Final score: 0-0

In fact, Princeton managed to keep another Big 3 team, Harvard, at bay—and recorded the same score.

The Rules Committee stated that games that ended in regulation tied, the teams would play "extra innings" (of 15 minutes each) to decide a winner.

It didn't work.

The extra session rule stated: that the goal line would continue out-of-bounds, passed the sidelines.

All a team had to in registering a safety was to down the ball (in bounds) behind the opponent's goal line, to register a safety. The opposite was true: downing the ball, out of bounds it was called 'touch -in-goal.'

Both of Princeton's opponents wanted to have the play ruled a safety; but Princeton would, in essence, say no-way.

Yale proved to be as equally as suborned as its rival; holding the ball the entire second half—and into the first extra session. (The second extended playing time was called because of darkness.)

And thus, for third consecutive campaign, the Princeton and Yale fray had no determine victor; as every game ended scoreless.

When Yale and Harvard played in front of a crowd of 1500 and even with the score tied a zero; Harvard would be declared the winner—by making 4 less safeties.

Strange as it seems, that was the rule of the day: the team making 4 less safeties would be declared the winner.

In the Washington & Lee and Virginia Military Institute contest there was no need for extra sessions or the unusual scoring by safeties were used to determine the winner.

Playing in the last year of American Soccer, W&L scored quickly and often against VMI, by successfully converting on 12 goals; allowing just one successful kick.

This was the largest number of goals scored in this particular form of foot ball; surpassing the previous mark of year before by the same victorious school.

1881 Leaders (min. of 4 games) Show:

  • Offensive Scoring Leader (Most Scored)
    Yale (5-0-1) 9 Goals, 15 Touchdowns 30 Safeties; converted to 100 Points
  • Defensive Scoring Leader (Least Allowed)
    Yale (5-0-1) 0 Goals, 0 Touchdowns 6 Safeties; converted to 6 Points
  • National Champions (Retroactive)
    Yale (7-0-1)
    Princeton (7-0-2)
  • Intercollegiate Football Association Standings
Team IFA Standings Full Season
Yale 2-0-1 5-0-1
Princeton 1-0-2 7-0-2
Harvard 1-1-1 7-1-2
Columbia 0-3-0 3-3-1

Writer R.M. Hodge/The Outing Magazine named Yale National Champion.

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