1875 College Football Summary

Harvard was even more dominate this season that of a year ago.

The school wasn't even close to being challenged during its four-game championship season.

While the majority of the games were still being played on the East Coast; a pair of schools from the state of Illinois made debuts.

Both St. Ignatius and Northwestern were defeated by the Chicago Foot Ball Club, by a combined converted score of 0-16.

The previously mentioned schools along with Tufts and Yale made-up the five teams this is season that all played under what was American Rugby Game.

In Association Foot Ball, Columbia and Stevens Tech each won four games; but it was Princeton that would one fo the three teams to take honors as one of the top teams of this season.

The latter two schools battled for over an hour, before Princeton would score the required 6 of 8 goals and was declared the winner.

Harvard won its game with Yale as four players each scored a goal under what was called "Concessionary Rules."

The rule states: To secure a goal, the ball must pass between the goal post and over a cross-line, 10 feet high. (This was Rule 4 that was in sued at this time.)

The distance of each kick was not recorded; but the players who converted them have been recorded: H.C. Leeds, W.S. Seamans, B.S. Blanchard and A.C. Tower.

Stevens Tech opened its season with a 5-goal to zero win over New York University during a 7-game schedule (4-3-0); as it finished as the Association's scoring leader converted to 21 points or 6 more than Columbia College tallied in one less game.

Once again, since there were two types of foot ball played, the leaders will be based on the overall single-season best of most or least goals scored.

1875 Leaders (min. of 2 games) Show:

  • Offensive Scoring Leader (Most Scored)
    Harvard (4-0) 8 Goals, 7 Touchdowns; controverted to 46 Points
  • Defensive Scoring Leader (Least Allowed)
    Harvard (4-0) didn't allow its opponents to score all season.
  • National Champions (Retroactive)
    Harvard (4-0)
    Columbia (4-1-1)
    Princeton (2-0)

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