NFL Week 2 in Review and Week 3 Preview

By Kory Kinslow

Surprises from Week 2:

The Carolina Panthers are one big surprise for me. I didn't see them going undefeated and I certainly didn't see them being two games ahead of the Saints. They have the possibility of winning the NFC South if they can hold off the Falcons and if the Saints don't pick themselves up and get rid of the rust. They are another surprise. The Saints looked great parts of last year and I thought they would have a great season this year, but they've got some improvements to make, especially on defense if they want to get in the playoffs.

The Monday night game is a big shock to me. I knew that the Eagles were good, I knew the Colts had a few weaknesses, I simply didn't see the Eagles being 2-0 and the Colts 0-2. I think the NFC East is weak with the injury to RGIII and the Cowboys need to sure up some things. The Giants have not surprised me, as I just don't think they have the pieces they need. The Eagles may run away with the East, but watch out for Dallas with a Wild Card.

The AFC is a mixed bag. I thought New England would look better, but they do appear to be getting there. Denver looks pretty dominant. Cincinnati is doing just what I thought they would. I think they're a better team than people give them credit for. Look out for the Browns, they may not make the playoffs, but I think they could ruin some good teams' season.

NFL Week 2 in Review and Week 3 Preview
Sep 15, 2014; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck (12) reaches for the end zone and is pushed out of bounds by Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Fletcher Cox (91) during the third quarter at Lucas Oil Stadium. The Eagles won 30-27. Photo courtesy by - Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Week 3 preview:

  • The Thursday night game pits the Falcons and the Bucs. Falcons will win this easy.
  • San Diego and Buffalo will play. I think San Diego should win, but the Bills have been much better than expected. I think this one will be very close.
  • Dallas plays a weak Rams team and should, I repeat should, come away with a win. We all know that the Cowboys rarely do what they should, but if the running game is used like last week, it will be a Dallas win.
  • Washington will go down to Philadelphia. The Eagles offense and special teams looks great and week two with no Griffin is bad for Washington.
  • The Giants will be easy pickings for Houston who still hope to get their number one draft pick back soon. I wouldn't be surprised if we see some of Ryan Mallett in this game.
  • Vikings have too many distractions and lose to the Saints as the Saints look to get back on track.
  • The Titans will fall victim to the balanced offense and strong defense of the Bengals.
  • Baltimore should beat Cleveland, but it will be close.
  • Green Bay will go to Detroit. This should be an entertaining game with the Lions emerging, but they could surprise me again.
  • The Colts go to Jacksonville and play a good game to beat the Jags.
  • New England will play host to the Raiders. The Raiders have often injured running backs and a rookie at Quarterback. This does not make for a good offense. Look for Brady to expose the Raider secondary.
  • San Fransisco goes to Arizona in my trap game. I think Arizona wins this one and the 49ers begin to fall.
  • Denver will go to Seattle and win. Seattle continues to let down before they start their run. I still think they go to the Super Bowl, I simply think Denver is better this year.
  • Kansas City goes to Miami. Both of these teams have disappointed me this year. I'm going to pick the Chiefs in a toss up.
  • The Steelers go to play Carolina. The Panthers are looking good and I believe will win this one.
  • In the Monday night game the Bears play at the Jets. This may be a close game, but I believe the Bears  take this one in the fourth.

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