NFL Division by Division Preview

By Kory Kinslow

NFC East

The NFC  East is not what it used to be. The Cowboys and Giants are not near the teams that we saw in the 70's, 80's, 90's and early 2000's. It looks as if the Chip Kelley experiment has worked and the Eagles will sit up above the others in this once great division. I think that Washington will come away in second followed by the Cowboys and Giants. The third spot will simply depend on injuries. The Redskins could make a jump, but it simply appears they don't have the offense that the Eagles do at this particular point in the progression. The Eagles have a better defense and McCoy provides them with the dual threat running back that the offense needs.

NFC North

It's Detroit's year. With the promise of Quarterback play and the ultra talented Johnson at WR the Lions will finally break out and win the division. They have their defensive line in tact for one more season and I think this is the year they do it. Green Bay will follow close behind, I feel they will get one of the two wild cards. Minnesota is still trying to figure things out at Quarterback and Chicago is in an adjustment period that I think will take one more year.

NFC South

New Orleans will win this division. They have too much talent on both sides of the ball for any of the other teams to overcome them. I believe that Atlanta will follow them and Carolina and Tampa Bay will have difficult seasons. I think the division will beat up on itself too much to get a Wild Card team.

NFL Division by Division Preview
Aug 23, 2014; Cleveland, OH, USA; Football stacked by goal line mark during warm ups before the game between the Cleveland Browns and the St. Louis Rams at FirstEnergy Stadium. Photo courtesy by - Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

NFC West

Seattle will appear in the Big Game and win this division. I believe that Arizona, not San Francisco will get second in the division and get the other Wild Card Spot. I think this year will be a down year for the Quarterback position for the 49ers and they will fall to third followed by a recovering St. Louis team.

AFC East

The Patriots will once again win the AFC East. They will be followed by the Jets who will have a good season and will compete for a Wild Card Spot. Buffalo and Miami seem to be rebuilding.

AFC North

The North Division of the AFC will finally be won by Cincinnati. I believe this is the year that Cincinnati breaks out and wins a playoff game. Baltimore will be second and compete for a Wild Card spot. The Steelers are going to have to rebuild the defense before they return to greatness and Cleveland, well they've got a lot of questions to answer and this is not the year.

AFC South

This division is the shocker, as I believe the Texans beat out the Colts. I think there is finally a defense that can come against Luck and shut him down. The Colts will come in second and probably achieve the Wild Card spot. The Titans have problems at Quarterback and the defense will struggle. The Jags are re-building and may be ready in a year or two.

AFC West

This is Denver's division. They have too much talent not to pick them. San Diego is on it's way back and Kansas City is good. Both of those teams will be in a heated race for the AFC Wild Card. Oakland just still has a few holes to fill. They could be in a good position in a couple of years with Manning getting older and we all know that turnover happens in the NFL.

Super Bowl

I think the Super Bowl will Be Seattle and Cincinnati. I think Cincinnati's offense will carry them through the regular season and by that time the defense will be ready for the playoffs. I don't think, however, they will beat the Seahawks in the Super Bowl and we will finally see a repeat again in the biggest game of them all.

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