Football Violence Hurts Boxing Appeal

by Mo Johnson
(Montclair, VA )

Let's face it, like it or not, violence was one of the attractions of boxing. No one can take their eyes off the big knockout punch.

Well, now, you can see the same thing on the football field, particularly in NFL games. So, I think the violence we see more in football recently (big hits, concussions) also diminishes some of the prior attraction to boxing.

It's not a coincidence that the decline in boxing popularity has nearly mirrored the rise in popularity of the NFL. Of course, obviously MMA and UCF has also contributed mightily to boxing's decline.

But, even in MMA and UCF and football -- the goal is not to knock someone "out" (unconscious) as it is in boxing. So, boxing certainly still has a certain "niche" of its own.

In any event, certainly labor strife in the NFL is good for boxing as people looking to be entertained with big hits will have to watch boxing. And, as you mention, some NFL players are even migrating to boxing.

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